The Architect: Your Property Development Fairy Godmother

October 22, 2014

Imagine: you live in a beautiful home that has everything you and your family need to be comfortable, productive and happy. And the best part is, you envisioned the whole structure yourself. The house started as an idea, a dream, and now it’s an everyday reality.

It’s nearly impossible to make this kind of property development dream come true by yourself. Most of us need a fairy godmother to help grant us our building wishes.

Enter: the architect. The importance of a good architect to your property development project cannot be overestimated. Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or building a home from the ground up, your architect is your guide through the ins and outs of designing, budgeting and building.

Architects are trained to see the big picture. They consider your lifestyle needs, spatial constraints, zoning codes, permitting, costs and building timetables. Their expertise in all of these arenas will guarantee that your vision becomes a reality.

How do you find the right architect? Research architects and firms in your region. Architectural firms that specialize in residential work are a good place to start. Reputed firms can be trusted to match you with a professional, knowledgeable designer. However, independent architects can also work wonders, often at a lower cost to you.

Do your research. Get photographs of an architect’s previous work, and ask if you can visit completed houses they’ve designed. Make sure he or she has experience with your structural and stylistic demands. If your taste is contemporary, find someone who has designed beautiful contemporary houses. Every architect has their specialty; find the one whose skills best match your tastes.

Personality is also extremely important. You’ll be working closely with an architect for a long time. Find someone who listens to your needs, is flexible when you change your mind and has a sense of humor about the process. Building or renovating is stressful, but an architect that handles the process with patience and grace makes a huge difference.

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